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Dialogue with the expert physiotherapy and alternative medicine, Dr. Mohsen nadi

This type of medicine dealing with the rights as a whole can not separate the physical from the psychological marks on those environmental 
Nablus / Amin Abu Wardeh - Dr. Mohsen nadi in the treatment of natural and alternative medicine, this type of medicine dealing with the rights as a whole can not separate the physical from the psychological marks on that environment. 


He adds that there is no legal permits or prevents the alternative medical practice, which is prevalent in the various houses and at all ages and there is a severe shortage of specialist alternative medicine in Palestine of the students of the subject, and most of the practice is either interested in or who have gained experience through the grandparents. 

The following is the text of the interview: 

1 - start gave us a summary of the essence of alternative medicine? 

To give a summary of alternative medicine should be defined so that a clearer picture in mind Vatab alternative known as follows (in the words of a group of health professionals based on medical knowledge of each of them a stand-alone, relying on accurate diagnosis through a comprehensive examination; taking into account the mental state and mental state of an addendum to the physical, applying therapeutic principles of each, may be used water, electricity, radiation, lasers, heat, massage and manual therapy, herbs, medicinal oils, and natural medicines 

To give a summary to say that it is divided into the following sections: 

1 - treatments tend to have mental control over the body, including yoga and Hypnotizing Aliihaii. 

2 - electromagnetic therapy may be used or fixed magnet alternator, is the most uses in the treatment of bone fractures to treat sores and wounds of patients resistant to the treatment of diabetes and the restoration of nerve cells are also used to raise the efficiency of the immune system of the human person. 

3 - treatment, a systematic study the alternative in most countries of the world such as Chinese medicine branches (ironing cupping massage acupuncture Chinese), Indian Alaopda AIDS medicine, natural medicine (Nachral) environmental medicine. 

4 - for example, manual therapy and Alastaiobathi Alcreobraktk a process to amend the joints, various types of massage, physiotherapy (Aelovesyothirabi). 

2 - There is an alternative to alternative medicine by conventional medicine? 

Notes and sections of the definition that the term alternative medicine and a broad and non-earmarked for the information given and many of the alternative medicine specialist protesting the name and be called the best medicine, it is not inherent to the alternative of one is a stand-alone Andalmh and did not do wrong to other branches of medicine. 

Each if they were aware of the decrease, as they say, as modern medicine or chemical limitations in diagnosis and treatment as well as the limited branches of alternative medicine in the same order. 

Alternative Vatab old time since the advent of civilization, unlike conventional medicine, which has spread with the spread of colonialism, but some historians attribute to the spread of the force, where doctors attending law Isnon use of the tools of traditional medicine or alternative to their own benefit and to vigorously implement the colonized. 

3 - To what extent is the proliferation of alternative medicine in Palestine? 

Legally there is nothing to authorize or prevent the practice of medicine the alternative, which is prevalent in the various houses and at all ages, any person injured by drinking cold Almiramip advised, or advised to get Barashh drinking Zhorat a variety of alternative medical practice without paying heed to it at the heart of alternative medicine, there Doctors also advise some herbs or some food which is also at the heart of alternative medicine, so it is a widespread practice among the people, but on the other hand there is a severe shortage of specialist alternative medicine in Palestine of the students of the subject, and most of the practice is either interested in or who have gained experience by grandparents. 

Alternative Medicine in various branches needed to be studied which may extend to 7 years, and in medicine Altjansi or months as in the therapy sessions Kahadjamp Bozhar Bach to be Darcha Background and medical understanding of the functioning of the human body 

4 - dependent on the alternative medicine? 

As I mentioned earlier there is no Palestinian law allows or prevents the practice of medicine, but alternative treatments are subject to the laws in terms of production and the completion date, as well as domestic manufacturing in order to prevent the trade. 

Home in Palestine, there was severe rationing and licenses granted to practice any branch of alternative medicine, as well as the manufacture, cultivation of herbs and manufacture and supply of income is a significant reach for millions. 

World Health Organization recognizes alternative medicine, and set standards for the manufacture of his medication and exercise. 

In the alternative medicine industry is a prominent place within the Department of State Health Insurance and private 

5 - How to deal with the alternative medicine of various diseases? 

Alternative Medicine deals with the rights as a whole is not separated from the physical signs that environmental psychology, in other words, give a holistic treatment of the disease, and deals with the causes of the disease not only with the symptoms so that treatment does not cover the roots of the symptoms and the disease kills the body remains without feeling it. 

Lower back pain as an example of dealing with modern medicine with painkillers while dealing Nah alternative medicine that may be causes, incidence of constipation, cold beat him, twisting in the paragraphs, or even from the effects of an old wound in another area of the body. 

Accordingly, we do not give anything in the alternative medicine for the pain and removed, but nothing to address the cause of pain, where pain is a gift from God to indicate the source of human disease is an indication of the success of treatment. 

Your words are understood from the context that there are drugs manufactured Alternative Medicine What is the extent and effectiveness? 

Must distinguish between two things: first that there is a plant herb popular alternative medicine Inolha any person without resorting to such a consultation and Zhorat Alababong. 

There are modern drugs in the area of alternative medicine given by a specialist in this area which incidentally comes in different forms, such as herbal injection, Nhawkat nose, fat external anal suppositories, and taken by mouth, but also drops for the eyes. 

6 - Can the alternative medicine treatment of diseases of the inability of modern medicine such as infertility and cancer? 

Development that has occurred over the past seven years was amazing in the field of alternative medicine and there are reports about the wonderful treatments given and give curative cases of diseases were considered intractable. 

In the field of infertility, there needles as well as the German drugs Altjansi liquid medicine to give excellent results in cases of lack of or decrease in the number of sperm as the success rates of global convergence of the forty per cent of all cases dealt with more of those rates in smoking and declined to follow the instructions carefully. 

Cancer cases in the success of alternative medicine depends on the type of cancer, its extent, age of the patient, in addition to dealing with drug-or chemical-ray sessions. 

That the drugs found that alternative medicine is stronger in cancer treatment and less in terms of side-effects and there are various reports on the drugs have proven in the treatment of cancer and perhaps months, of those drugs, which raised and remains a cause for controversy for more than a century Essac treatments which vehicles can be simple and easily prepared and readily available in the Palestine. 

7 - Do you think that the Palestinian public is aware of alternative medicine? 

The public began to feel the danger of drugs and chemicals became more aware than ever before, but I heard many people say a single word (I do not want pain killers as much as I want a cure for the problems) of the people here feel that the sum aware of the importance of alternative medicine 

More importantly, they come for treatment early in the disease and thus the most powerful methods of alternative medicine in the treatment of the disease from which, before too late if we have covered the symptoms and mitigate. 

Information has also played a significant role in raising public awareness of the importance of alternative medicine and the results are always between the spread of the provision or failure of any therapeutic method.

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