Sunday, May 31, 2009

free physiotherapy,physical therapy dictionary

Free Physical Therapy Dictionary offers a free online physical therapy dictionary that allows users to search physical therapy terms based on first letter or by phrase. This online physical therapy glossary can be helpful in learning physical therapy definitions

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top Physical Therapy Dictionary Terms
active range of motion (abbrv. AROM)
 the motion caused by muscle contraction
a vector quantity that is composed of two sides which intersect at a vertex
dependent arm position
 the position that the arm is hanging down by the side of the trunk
cancellous bone
 very loose bone tissue consisting of a 3D lattice of branching trabeculae
no abnormal results during testing
passive motion
 the motion caused by sources other than muscle contraction
Physical Therapy Software (abbrv. PTS)
 Computer software aiding in streamlining physical therapy billing, physical therapy invoicing and physical therapy scheduling.