Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great work

A year has already gone by and the holy month of Ramadan is at our doorsteps !.This is a blessed and special time of the year where each one of us is invited to reach out to God by refreshing his or her personal relationship with the Creator and reach out to others by being attentive and sensitive to their needs.

With your help and valuable support, a lot has happened during this past year. In our constant pursuit of excellence in the provision of quality healthcare services to our patients and their families, in line with our mission and vision, and with a true work team spirit, we were engaged throughout this year in ensuring sustainability for this institution. This sustainability translates itself in the maintenance of the quality of our services and the spread of these services for the community at large. As such, we started operations of the cyclotron equipment which produces the radioactive material needed for performing the latest type of scan in cancer diagnosis and treatment follow-up: the PET/CT scan. We established the sound basis for a strong research department and built strong ties for an on-going collaboration with renowned worldwide pediatric oncol ogy centers for the application of the best and latest treatment protocols. In this respect, the first international scientific symposium for pediatric oncology was organized and held at our premises in the beginning of July. In November, God willing, the hospital’s IT department will be through with Phase I on the road of the hospital’s full automation. The initial phase of operations of our bone-marrow transplant unit will start in a week's time .We are already in possession of the drawings for a new Hospital 57357 branch in Tanta in the Delta Region and for a new guest house near the hospital for our patients' families coming from all across Egypt. In collaboration with Modern School of Egypt 2000, we established the first in-hospital school in Egypt to ensure that our in-patients are keeping up with their school education and exams.

This year at the CCHE, we have chosen to revive this beautiful and true spirit of Ramadan by encouraging each other to detach ourselves of the recently acquired commercial habits which have become synonymous to the holy month and which hinder us from living it profoundly.

Come and join us at 57357 and celebrate with us the true meaning of Ramadan!

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